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February 06, 2009



hey Pastor Kevin,
I enjoyed your blog, especially the Seth Goden video. His book "Purple Cow" is a good read. Worth the time.
I have never done a blog or written on a blog, so this is a good "1st."
Anyways, I am very interested in Redeemer, but have not actually had the opportunity to step foot in the church. I have been listening online through podcast. I enjoyed the Idolatry sermons and enjoyed Tim Keller's book "counterfeit gods." A good read as well.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and the church. I haven't had a church home, really ever. Surprisingly, it is hard to find a church that actually uses scripture in their sermons. haha, no joke.
Ps: Check out this video. Worth adding to your blog. I loved it!

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