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January 01, 2009


Steve McCoy

Hey, nice list. A lot here I haven't heard. A few comments.

1. You picked the right #1. :) I just can't believe how good For Emma is.

2. Evil Urges just hasn't grown on me enough to be as high as yours. Maybe with more listens. I still like it a lot.

10. Andrew Bird is always good, but I haven't heard this one. I figured I'd run across it and get it, but haven't yet. I'm not totally averse to putting an EP on a year end list, but it really has to be special for me.

18. I just got The Dodos, and really like it so far. Would have probably made my list if I had gotten it sooner.

Honorable: I LOVE Ray LaMontagne. But this album was just *blah* for me. I'll still listen to it but it hasn't clicked at all.

Blitzen Trapper -- I'd love to know how much you like this after you get it. Really good.

Thanks KC. I'll be checking out a bunch of new bands because of this list.

jeremy b

good call on fleet foxes and bon iver. haven't heard much of the rest of your list, but will check em out. do like welcome wagon a ton, and my brightest diamond is good.

but yeah, Bon Iver is the man.

brad andrews

Interstates are the bomb.

Thx for the great leads on albums. I have quite a few more to check out...

Blessings to you in the KC...

Wes Crawford

-That Bonnie Prince Billy video is almost as amazing as the record itself.

-Bon Iver is undoubtedly one of my most enjoyed records this year, though I refuse to pronounce the band name as it is "supposed" to be pronounced.

-I also am happy to see the MMJ record as high as it is on your list. Lots of great musical moments on that record, and no one else is giving it props this year.

-So Gossip in the Grain is not lastingly enjoyable? Because you chided me for not getting 3 weeks after it was released...

-Has anyone heard the Anathallo record that came out this year?

Steve McCoy

Dude, Dr. Dog's Fate is sounding waaaay better than I expected. I like their last one, after 2 listens I'm LOVING this one. I am now, with you, wondering why the critics almost completely missed it. I know I did.

Wes, are you talking to me about LaMontagne???

Kevin Cawley

No, he's talking to me about Ray LaMontagne. In retrospect, I would not even give him honorable mention. That record is just-not-that-good.

Steve McCoy

You see, that was confusing. Because KC had it as an Honorable, I said it was "blah," and then Wes said that. Stop confusing me! :)

Steve McCoy

Oh yeah! And I now own The Welcome Wagon. Wowwy!

shannon lewis

are you sure you're a pastor? your taste in music is unparalleled. i'm wondering if you've heard Fleet Foxes yet? seems you might dig them, too. and you really need to check out Denison Witmer, if you haven't.

Kevin Cawley

I'm not sure if I'm a pastor either ;-)

Fleet Foxes made #3 on the list?????

I have the new Denison Witmer, not as crazy about it as I was his last record.

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