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October 13, 2008


Kevin Cawley

A friend just emailed me another book suggestion: Escaping the Devil's Bedroom. I haven't read this book, but look forward to checking it out.

Human Directionals

The Church will always be around to help those who need it and welcome those with open hearts. God has left us clues in the Bible that help us make decisions today--that is why I know that the injustices of human trafficking will one day end!

josh o.

IJM is a fantastic ministry. I'm so glad your church family is thinking through gospel justice like this. My buddy Doug Elder from the Wrecking ( a artist partner with IJM and has been getting the word out up here in New England. They also work with Love146 ( great ministry dedicated to abolishing human traficking. Thought you'd be interested in checking them out too and spreading the word.

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