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September 28, 2008


shannon lewis

powerhouse stuff, there... thanks for sharing.
and in case I've not told you, you have exception taste in books!

Landon Porter

Pastor Kevin, I thank God for His use of you, Kris and Wes (and many others!) at Redeemer. It is obvious you are all humbled, broken, and joy-filled by the Gospel. You are prayed for often. Thank you (and Kris) for treating the Bible so carefully and reverently in your preaching.

Thanks for the reference to CJ Mahaney's message. It was powerful. I will encourage many men (and women) to listen to it, take notes, ponder it, and apply the truth of Biblical headship. Oh, what privilege! Oh, what weight!

The Community Group Rachel and I attend continues to be a blessing. The whole Group is so grateful to the pastoral staff for teaching the Truth on Sunday, which prepares us for in-depth, truth-filled discussion at Community Group later in the week. So often, Bible Studies I've witnessed in the past have been driven by the "What does this passage mean to you (as you shoot from the hip)?" philosophy. Although I do care how God speaks to my individual life through Scripture, I guess I really don't care what it means "to me", but rather, what it means . . . period. And that is good.

Later on.

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