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July 22, 2008


Justin Childers

Thanks for assembling these. Mine are certainly not even in the same league as these you linked to; but in case anyone is interested how an ordinary church planter preached through this great letter, you can find them here:


I'm studying through Ephesians at the minute and listening to John Stott's sermon series. You can download it at It's from the 70's and is vintage Stott. You need to register but it's free. His BST commentary is also good. Thanks for these other links, I'll need to have a peek.


You may wish to add Dr. S. Lewis Johnson's exposition of Ephesians to this list :-) Dr. Bruce Waltke called him the best expositor of the 20th century.


Thanks so much for these resources on Ephesians. I'm teaching a men's Bible study in Ephesians for the next several months and these resources will certainly come in handy.
Merry Christmas.

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