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June 17, 2008


Pete Williamson

is this the new Children Desiring God material? :)

Kevin Cawley

You should be more concerned about what kind of dinosaur it is and what it communicates about your church

Michael Daling

Micah's first theological question to me after I explained Jesus' death and resurrection: "Did the dinosaurs eat Jesus?"

I guess I should have answered that differently.

Michael Daling

Kevin, I lost my omnipotent blue crayon. Can I borrow yours?

Matt Donovan

That's some solid water color work there, Kev.

Paul Dirks

As much as my children love The Jesus Storybook (Helm), I don't think anything could compare to this with my two and half-year old boy!



"The Jesus Storybook Bible" (by Sally Lloyd-Jones) totally rocks! It's my little girl's favorite and I really enjoy reading it to thm. My favorite story is the one about about Leah. "The Big Picture" storybook Bible is also really good.

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