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March 21, 2007


Steve McCoy

Didn't even know Bird's new one was out yet! Awesome. Mysterious Production is a fantastic album. Can't wait to get this one, if I can find it here in the indie desert.


thanks for the tips.

Have you read God in Action, Barth?

Kevin Cawley

Only Dodson could deflate my indie-rock bubble of joy by asking a Barth question...yeesh!

The answer is yes and no. Yes, I've skimmed it -- particularly "Church" and "The Christian as Witness"-- and realize that I don't need it for my thesis ;-)

OK, back to music...

Steve McCoy

Thread hijackers!

Just picked up Bird. I never put it together that "Armchairs" is on this album. What a great song. First heard it at his fantastic Fabchannel concert, where it's titled "Armchair Apocrypha." Also memorable for the great drumwork at the beginning.

I'm halfway through the CD and it's really good.


Arcade Fire on eMusic. Wonderful. I'll be stealing more of Kimi's downloads this month thanks to you.

Tyler Kovacs

I've visited your site a number of times (even taken one of your posts for my bog - linked of course) - I've never met you, but your wife delivered my wife's baby, and you used to hang out with my brother.
I like your taste in music, but would love to hear some of them without searching all over for them - I just did a post on my blog about posting music, with external players, on your blog - check it out ( - the Imeem site has some great selections and its easy to upload playlists to your site so people can listen to your songs by just hitting play.



I love A Confederacy of Dunces and I dig the music of Andrew Bird. I'm not completely sold on the new album, though.

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