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March 21, 2007



Great thought...I need to be careful NOT to say that!


I normally don't have time to read this blog. :) j/k

Kevin Cawley

That's OK Milton, I don't have time to interact with you anyway


Milton, it's hard to get things done with massive cumbersome Aggie ring weighing you down each day....

On a side note, Ray (Tin Star) told me that exact thing yesterday, the 3 biggest lies thing. It was in reference to the new job, and my new favorite saying "the check is in the mail."


Coach- I have refrained from ever commenting on your blog about Acie owning Allen Fieldhouse. So, don't trash the Aggie ring.


Coach- Also, didn't I see you wearing that goofy jayhawk outfit in that Christian Clown video Cawley linked above?? Just wanted to double check.

Coach I welcome your Aggie banter, but you know the Texas A & M white jump/cheer-man suits are sanctioned by the CCA (Christian Clown Assocation). The CCA considers mascot suits to be tools of the devil.

So what will Coach Gilespie do with his ring when he is sitting on the bench at Kentucky?

Trey O'Rear

Coach- I guess your prophecy came to pass. Aggieland knew it was highly possible but had hoped Billy D. would take the job. The only thing that made this loss tolerable is the beautiful news that Julian gave us all today!!


Milton, now you realize it takes hiring a Jayhawk to take the Ags to the next level. Good hire, I like it.

"You keep using me just like a stepping keep using me just like a stepping stooooooone......" - Mr. G Love

T-rey, meet me in Aggie land next fall for KU-A & M. Seriously.

Trey O'Rear

Coach- Yeah, it would fun to make that game with you. Let's keep it in mind. As for Turge, everyone I have talked to is extremely pleased with the hire. I watched the press conference he did (via youtube) and I think we definitely stepped it up in character arena. I think Billy's bolt left everyone with a bad taste.


You guys leave Milton alone!
Trey has always had time for everything!


Of course we could all catch some KU- A&M basketball games during the Big 12 Tournament at the new Sprint Center next year in KC. Kev loves sports, and maybe, possibly, perhaps, just might be in the 816.
Kev, I think you should have a press conference via YouTube.

Trey O'Rear

Fraz- Hey man, just because you have 3 kids, a full time job, an MBA program, make music, plot the salvation of Israel, etc.. doesn't mean you have to weigh in on me.

Only problem with Big 12 tourney is that it usually conflicts with Texas High School Boys BB tourney. I have been going to that for about 12 years.

Press conference...yes...when the final decision is made.. we absolutely need a press conference!!!!

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