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March 05, 2007


Pete Williamson

I'll admit, I'm surprised by the low number. thanks for following this up, Kev.

Hunter Beaumont

I was in The Gap a while back and noticed as I was checking out that you could buy a [red] button for $1 that said something like, "I'm fighting global poverty." And I thought, "So that's all you have to do to fight poverty? Buy a $1 button and you're entitled to tell the world you're fighting poverty? I should get Cawley one of these."

Kevin Cawley

I saw those $1 buttons as well.

Furthermore, unless I'm mistaken, I've seen several Washington state cell phone providers offering free RED RAZR's as part of promo deals. It's better than $1 brother, you can fight poverty, or at least appear to do so, by sheer virtue of signing up for a new cell phone plan.

Caleb Land

Good point. 18 million is 18 million, but we all know this was as much about saving kids in Africa as wearing Livestrong bracelets was about finding a cure for cancer. It takes more than $1 and a fashion statement. It takes a life change.

Kevin Cawley

Caleb-- I'm trying to understand your "but," particularly given the fact that you're making my point?

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