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March 01, 2007


Mark Grapengater

Let's be honest, just about any KC BBQ will be good, but if I may suggest to you some of the dirtier (read: tastier) places around KC. My best bud from college's favorite place is Wyandotte BBQ, which is in KC, KS-- and I can attest to its goodness. Rosedale's is also really good, and I've never eaten here, but they say Oklahoma Joe's is the best. And you know as well as I do, Oklahoma is the best.


"We from the little wes-t-metro-po-lis"

Uh-oh....are we talking about the same 'Dotte BBQ (Wyandotte)? Aye. Gonna have to disagree with you there.

You are right when you say Oklahoma Joe's is the best-or at least tied for best w/ Arthur Bryants. Picture this: "The Z-Man" @ Okie Joe's- brisket sandwich, with smoked provolone and onion ring on top served on a kaiser roll. Beautiful.

Robert Sanders

I love KC. Born and raised there. Currently in Denver, but I miss KC. Good folks there.


Many locals(which I am) will say that LC's is the best. Its an urban if you go be ready. Also I'd have to say hands down that Jack Stack "Poor Rus" is the best beef sandwich(burnt ends) in the area. I haven't tried every one else but from what I have tried its the best. All the others mentioned are good too, but not comparable in my mind. BTW-Oklahoma Joes may have the best fries.


ummm, i sure wish i knwe y'all were in kc. i would have LOVED to have drien up to see you. i hope your time there was great. i jsut got out of the hospital up there last sat. so i barely missed you...and i am going to have to go with bryants and ok joe's coming in with a VERY close second on the bbq poll!


wow...sorry for all the typo's in the previous post. faux pas!!!

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