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March 14, 2007



...thanks for calling this to my attention a while ago, Cawley. I've been doing a lot of economics reading lately (Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Hayek, Friedman), and the folly of foreign aid and necessity of actual wealth-creating structures has showed more and more clearly why "more $" isn't the solution.

It's been a bit difficult to express clearly in a short conversation with friends/coworkers, but I'm getting closer, as I understand more of the whole picture. At first, unfortunately, you sound a bit heartless: "what, you mean you don't care about people in Africa?". :)


one thing, though, that I'd love to get a definition of from you: since you've read 'rebel sell/nation of rebels', what does "consumerism" mean to you? Honestly, I've had a bit of a hard time seeing the validity of the argument against (red) that says "western materialism is being exploited for african poverty"...I've had a hard time seeing anything like a usable definition of consumerism, as it usually seems to be "anyone who's purchasing more/more expensive items than you are", so it's always a critique of others, and not a real consideration of the heart's motivation behind the over-desire of good things...which I'd have no idea how I'd *begin* to criticize someone else for...

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