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November 28, 2006



No, they aren't. But Derek Webb should have been higher, too. You can get Mockingbird for free at

Kevin Cawley

I'm not a huge Derek Webb fan, so I can't really go there with you. But I don't doubt he should have been higher than Jars of Clay.

Steve McCoy

I have Jars of Clay. I think it is mediocre at best. I think Webb could/should have been higher.

Darren Larson

The only album I've heard on this list is the Webb album, but then again, I haven't gone out of my way to get into Christian music since Styper retired. That, my friend, was the end of an era.

No one has said... is the Mutemath album any good? And even if you're not a fan of Webb before, this album is at least worth a listen - even for critics!

Peter R.

I'm a huge Mutemath fan (best live show I've ever seen) and I loved their album. But Good Monsters is a FANTASTIC, and it gets better every time I listen to it. By far the best writing I've heard out of Jars since their first record.

I was underwhelmed by Mockingbird - it's a good thing the lyrics are controversial, because it's pretty flat musically.

I think Andrew Osenga's The Morning should have been higher.


I must be a complete pagan....
The only songs I've heard from this list is from Robert Randolph and it was featured on the Monday Night Football halftime show. I love RR live, RR studio albums just don't do it for me.

Humor me here, what does "Mutemath" mean?


yeah- I better not even go there. Congrats to your sooners and the Big 12 South!

Kevin Cawley

@Coach, I don't know what Mutemath means, but I know it is better than "Earthsuit" which was a previous band Mutemath's front man was a part of ;-)

I don't know if I will offend Mutemath-ians, but I like the Reset E.P. more than this new album-- at least I think I do

@Chase-- thanks for learning where your bread is buttered, and not cussing on my blog anymore!


There are lots of good suggestions here.

I'd love to create a collection of the best Christmas songs not really ever heard by the public at large, including from indie artists or even well known.

Just email me at [email protected] or visit and leave a message. I definitely need help in adding more news and reviews of Christian indie music.

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone!

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