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October 04, 2006




You bring up an interesting point. In general, the topic of ambition is a difficult for any Christian. It carries additional baggage for a pastor.

Interestingly, I blogged on the topic of how we should steward our ambition on the very same day at the Out of Ur post.

Perhaps you'll find it interesting.

Matthew Halliday

Kevin, it's amazing how we forget these things. I remember reading John Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides. What a testament to faithfulness and loyalty. What an example of not being driven by ambition and success. It's been over 10 years since I read the book, maybe it's time to read it again!

Closer to home, I hope we in our own lives are not driven by the desire for sucess but rather the desire to be faithful. To hear on that final day "Well done, well done my good and faithful servent." That's all I'm living for (at least that's my desire).

Gunny Hartman

I see so many that leave seminary and find a smaller church to use as a stepping stone to bigger, better things. Or what about the seminary student who serves as a youth pastor merely because (1) he needs the money and (2) it will look good on a resume to get experience toward a "real" pastor job?

One can find a church, put down roots, and be there for decades and still struggle (at least I hope he does) with pastor ambition. However, I'd like to see more of that.

Piper's Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, should be read more often by those in ministerial training.

Unfortunately, while we a little "drive" is a good thing it leads to improper measurement (butts, bucks, and buildings) and questionable practices.


Thanks for your thoughts on your blog, they are challenging and refreshing me.

I am a Canadian who is currently working as a student minister in a church here in Kentucky. I am in a church of about 3000 and I would be the first one to "cop" to the whole issue of ambition. It's something that I struggle with a lot. It's difficult for me to find the balance between a ministry that's growing because it's healthy and God is blessing it and ministry that's moving because I'm willing it to move out of my own vain ambition.

There are many days when I feel like I miss it as a pastor. I'm so worried about #'s and the kids I wish I had, that I forget about the kids I currently have. A HUGE struggle. And there's also that thing about growing and keeping people happy so that I can keep my job... :)

So what can be done? I turned a corner this summer. My son was born ( and I've discovered there is more to life than just working. I'm trying to have a better balance between work, family and study. I'm exercising a few times a week, taking more time to read and listen to God's voice, and spending more time at home.

Something interesting has happened! By relinquishing some things back to God that were his in the first place, my soul is receiving rain where it hasn't in a long time and ministry is deepening and growing (even though I'm not there as much and it's not nearly as much about me and my abilities).

Every day when I get out of bed, I'm trying to lay all that I am before my Creator. It's amazing what happens to our perspective when we stand in front of God and remember who we are and who He is ;0.

So that is the long story of how God is dealing with a pastor who likes to be a rockstar sometimes!!


Dr. Joseph Chavady


FYI Dr. Joe...
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Get your own blog, thanks!

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