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September 02, 2006


Chase Bowers

I would have to disagree with Gladwell as well this is an obvious case of Bomar knowing what he should not do and doing it anyway. What Gladwell is espousing will hurt a concept of truth. Bob Stoops showed a lot of integrity here. A Texas corner back was arrested this week in an open and closed case, and as a fan I think he should not be allowed to play.


Kevin Cawley

Chase-- that last little adage will get you permanently banned from here. Please refrain from cussing here again.

All texas players should be arrested


MY apologies:)..."Note: I realize sports are well off the beaten path here-- but the combination of Oklahoma and Gladwell made it irresistible" I read the first line of this quote, but obviously did not pay atention to the last line...While I am a Texas fan, I have tremendous respect for Bob Stoops, both for how he handles himslef on the field and for his commitment to his and his coaches familes during the season.

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