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September 22, 2006


Kevin Cawley

Thanks for the snobby corrections via email...

Yes, I love Dunn Bros even when I'm not in MPLS, but when I'm in Mpls, I love to go there. Hope I didn't confuse too many!


I highly recommend The Lake Street Garage as a dining establishment (all american menu with all you can eat popcorn while you wait).

The Golden Leaf in uptown is a great place to sit and enjoy a cigar or smoke a pipe.


nye's, mortimer's, and french meadow bakery too


Thanks for this info! I am so looking forward to the conference.

Mike Daling

So the one stinkin' year I will actually attend ETS you will not be coming? This really upsets my plans to come into contact with more loud Oklahomans. I was banking on you.

Matt Reimer

I'd recommend The Local, an Irish restaurant just a few blocks from the convention center where the conference will be held.

I hear that a rite of manhood is to go to Manny's steakhouse, where allegedly some of the best steak in the whole country is served, but alas, my finances keep me a mere boy.

Kevin Cawley

Oh, how right you are. Manny's is AMAZING. I left it off because I don't think any of us can afford it. The only time I ever ate there was on someone else's dime.

Matt Reimer

I just found this helpful this list of restaurants within walking distance of the convention center.

Kevin Cawley

Thanks for that Matt, very helpful:

Notice that there are two D'Amicos within walking distance of the convention center-- as well as Sawatdee and Brit's.

And, if the Hell's Kitchen is anything like the one we have in Vancouver, I'd say check them out.

Matthew Molesky

Bobby and Steve's on Washington Ave - a most excellent gas station.

If Driscoll and the boys, and anyone else for that matter, want real meat the place to go is The Capital Grille. Expensive, yes; the best, yes.

For excellent Salmon and some great desserts - the Palomino.

You can get a great burger, some excellent starters, and good atmosphere at The Rock Bottom Brewery. I hear the beer at this micro-brewery is great (from friends), but I wouldn't know 'cause I don't like beer (except Guiness on rare occasion).

Buca has pretty good Italian, The Local is great, and Zelos is worth trying. And for the best breakfast in town, you have to try Key's restaurant - pancakes as big as manhole covers!

Dunn Brothers is just too bitter - sorry I have to stick with the corporate coffee at Starbucks.

I'm sorry to hear you won't be at the Conference, or at ETS. It was great catching you at the latter last year. Hope to see you or chat soon.

Every blessing - Matthew.

Kevin Cawley

I realize I'm being baited-- but I don't even care. Just for the record, to call Bobby & Steve's merely a gas station is blasephy of the highest degree. Moreover, it is a subtle, yet vain attempt to discourage people from going. And, I won't stand for it-- even if JS likes you.

The way Molesky describes things, you would hear, "You should see the Sistine's a neat room..."


If any of you are looking for a post-modern experience during the conference then check out Holy Land Deli or the Crescent Moon on Central Avenue just north of downtown. The conference is during Ramadan and so if you go at sundown you can enjoy a great Arabic or Afghani meal. Go to Central and Lowry or Central and 24th.

Frist time on the blog. Nice to connect with you all.


A visit to Mpls would not be complete without some pankakes from Maria's - just down the block from Piper's pad on Franklin!


A visit to Mpls would not be complete without some pankakes from Maria's - just down the block from Piper's pad on Franklin!

Roger Overton

My pastor wants to get a tattoo while we're there, any suggestions for a place? (Tattoo will likely be his 3rd of the 5 solas)


From What I hear, St. Sabrinas Tattoo parlor is a good one, located on hennepin Avenue in up town. Also the beer at Rock bottom brewery is Excellent, especially their wheat beer.

Andrew Rustad

Two words: Pizza Lucé.


The best place for a good beer is The Herkemer on 28th and Lyndale. Cawley hope to bump into you at the conference.

Kevin Cawley

My life is complete-- Gribs has commented on my blog! Unfortunately, Gribs cannot read. Would love to bump into you this weekend brother, but unless you're at one of three Vancouver libraries, it isn't going to happen.


The Jucy Lucy originated at Matt's Bar on Central and 35th. Although the 5-8 would like you to think otherwise. At Matt's you can pick your cheese. 5-8, not so. And Sawatdee is rather poor Thai. Instead, visit Chang Mai Thai in Calhoun Square (around back by the parking ramp) on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Ave. And if you want a Minneapolis landmark try cramming into the Band Box just north of Chicago Ave on 14th Street. Complete greasy spoon.


My bad, I guess I'll have that dopplebock without you. How do you know Steve Addison, I just found your blog today reading his.

Nick P.

Well, I'm here with Wes at Bobby and Steve's. It's is amazing. The Bel Air burger was excellent. (But the girl working the grill wasn't very helpful!) That is all.

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