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August 26, 2006


Justin Buzzard

I tend to be a generous tipper when having meetings at restaurants, but a pretty poor tipper (if I tip at all) when at Fourbucks. I have room to grow here.
I hardly ever have meetings at Starbucks though. I'm a Peet's coffee guy. My tipping habits are pretty poor at Peet's. I oughta step it up some.
Good post.


Kevin, great post. I used to be a barista - 3 years of it actually - AND, I was the guy who counted up and vivyed out the tips each week... so, I can speak from experience.

When I go places, espeically where I am known and am a "regular," I tend to tip quite generously. I think it's important when we're living out lives as emmisaries of Christ to show that we're not the tightwad, legalistic, you're bad-I'm good people that others see us as. For example - I have been getting my haircut by the same girl for several months now. Pretty soon into the first conversation with her, it came up that I'm a pastor. This girl is in pretty desperate need of Jesus, so it's an obvious opportunity on a regular (about every 3 weeks) basis to share some things with her and present myself as real and loving and genuine. It's hard to be those things if she doesn't want to provide a service to me because I'm a penny pincher that doesn't want to help her afford her sins!

What I'm saying is this - I think it's more important than we think it to be. People are looking at us as Christians in EVERYTHING we do and a lot of times they can't disassociate the action from their perception of the person - if we are truly missional and reformed in our living, Christ is in everything, and I think our generosity and appreciation toward others is very important.

Chase Bowers

I think a buck is a good tip at Starbucks, as it is usually around or over 20% of the tab.

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