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August 15, 2006


Steve McCoy

He recited this poem (completely from memory) at the SBC younger leaders meeting in June 2005. Very cool.

Hunter Beaumont

Thanks for posting the link. I've been wondering how to, like, find that poem, you know ever since I heard Chris Seay's talk. It's found me, which is cool because even though I wanted to find it, I haven't really been looking too hard. Not that I think it says anything true...or's just sorta helpful to my journey, which I'm taking a break from right now but will probably resume again soon.

Kevin Cawley

H-- that comment now goes in a special folder with your BJU email. Thanks for making me laugh!

Michael Foster

I having problems downloading the it my ibook or is there something up with the file?

Kevin Cawley

No Michael-- it looks like the problem is on their end. I couldn't get it to download either. Perhaps Steve or someone else who has a Resurgence password could comment on that post and let them know.

Michael Foster

That be sounds like a great sermon...I began GTD tomorrow.

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