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April 03, 2006


Steve McCoy

Kevin, have you read Convergence? Love to hear your take if you have.

Kevin Cawley

Steve-- I have read it. Haven't had time to put any of my thoughts to paper. Have you read it? Do you have specific questions about it?


Cawley, you're (even) more famous than we realised. Net superstar!


Thanks for the headsup about these seminars. It is treasure untold for those of us who are starved of his book due to Kingsway being slow! I enjoy these seminars greatly! I am a great fan of Sam Storms - and praying that he begins to get a great prominence in the UK. So thanks again!

Steve McCoy

I just wanted to know if you found it helpful enough to recommend.

blake w

Thanks for these man. I am a big Storms fan, because I am a big Piper fan. I haven't read the book, so I am excited about these sessions.


I was sad when I heard there were no sweater vests. Although, I hope to see one tomorrow. Love you Kev!

Kevin Cawley

I have received confirmation from two sources that suggest Sam was in fact wearing a sweater vest...on SATURDAY (and Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, & Monday no doubt).

Account Deleted

I'm about half done with the book. I wrote about it on my blog today.

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