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March 02, 2006



Nice digs, bro.

Joe Thorn

I like this color scheme better; the banner is awesome man. And I think it's very American of you.. You know, to exploit someone's loss to hone your photography skills. ;) Kidding man. The pics on flickr are fantastic and show that somethings that appears ugly can be beautiful if you look at them from a different perspective.

Kevin Cawley

Believe me Joe, I felt quite American when the owner of the house came and asked me why I was taking pictures of his house. It turns out that nobody was hurt in the fire-- "Not so much as a dog or a cat" in his words, and he is just waiting for permits to come through to rebuild with the healthy insurance settlement he got. He also seemed pretty proud that his house is the "most photographed place in Vancouver in the last 6 months." The house is beautiful-- we were arrested from the street with the contrast of the red chimney with the charred remains.

Thanks for the comments-- and the ones you left on Kate's flickr page-- she loves that you're looking at her stuff.

Pete Wmson

nice look, I like...oh, and JI wanted me to ask you to stop spying on his office.

Dallas Lange

I like the white. The all black was hurting my eyes. Not sure why. Maybe it's my screen. Anyway...I'm not seeing spots anymore so praise the Lord.


look and feel is great! thanks for the change. And the banner looks sweet, too.

Bruce Chant

Nice changes Kevin. I like the black, white and red theme.

Ryan Wentzel

I agree. The new look is nice.

D. Goodmanson

Nice facelift!

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