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March 21, 2006


Steve McCoy

I'll be there with my lovely wife.

Kevin Cawley

Thorn is coming?


I'm game.

Steve McCoy

Unfortunately Thorn's not coming. He's going to Together for the Gospel in Lvl though.

Pete Wmson

I hate to perpetuate the Resurgence Rumour Mill, but I have it on good authority that Sufjan Stevens will be there dressed as Kevin Cawley

Dallas Lange

I would be down with a bloggers get fact I would be honored. Perhaps there should be a secret sign of some sort so that we know who's who? Maybe a handshake or a question like, "Do you blog on the weekends?" Sorry, I'm not helping the nerdity of this.
Yes, I would like to meet. Not sure if I'll be in a hotel or not. Scott (who's traveling with me) wants to stay on the street...I prefer a bed.

Kevin Cawley

Dallas-- I spent a night on the street in Seattle in the summer of 2000...get a hotel.

D. Goodmanson

I'm in.

btw - Hales has rooms you can reserve. Last year Driscoll and the MH elders met with Piper in one of the rooms.


My pal Dave and I will be coming down from Abbotsford,BC. Not sure which hotel we're staying in yet. But we're hard core blogging geeks who are looking to meet others so we might not feel as lame and nerdy as our wives tell us we are.

Scott Davison

Hey, I thought considering the missional nature of all of this event that the streets of Seattle would be an educational experience for me. Still not sure what I will do.

Kevin Cawley

Check out The Green Tortoise Hostel, it is a great place to meet people, and a middle road between an alley and the Hilton. We tried to stay there in 2000, but it was full.


It's going to be huge!

David Fairchild

Would love to meet up. I'll be there all week doing some assessing and showing my wife around my old stompin' grounds.

Count me in!

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