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February 22, 2006


bill streger

I am such a Moleskine freak. I have three that I use for different stuff. One pocket (squared) to catch random ideas, notes, lists of stuff to talk with people about (ala David Allen's GTD), one regular sized (squared) for taking notes in meetings and thinking through projects and strategy, and then one regular sized one (ruled) for journaling, sermon thoughts, prayer, etc.

I'm such a nerd.

Kevin Cawley

Funny that I call the small ones "regular" sized and the big ones, well, "big ones." I use the "regular" sized ones exclusively, and the grid exclusively. I tried writing on a plain page moleskine and didn't really like it (odd, because I love to write on plain paper). I use one moleskine for journal, thoughts for the blog, and general odds and ends; and then I use one of the reporter's notebooks to keep track of my research for my thesis. I LOVE the reporter's notebook.

Steve McCoy

There are at least two different small (pocket) ones. One is the hard cover, normal sort of moleskine. The other is thinner and cheaper and easier to carry around in your pocket. I keep one of those with me at all times for any sort of random note. After about a week it's curved into the shape of my arse.

I use the "large" one for everything else. (I only use the ruled ones, so far at least. I have also considered trying the reporters notebook, but not yet.) I have only one large one, though I have considered multiple ones Bill. It has occasional written prayers and "journal" notes from my ideas to thoughts on my Scripture reading. I also do all of my sermon research in it. As I read through a commentary, for example, I put any info I want to reference again in the moleskine. Each sermon has 6-8 pages of scribbled notes, quotes, outlines, sermon outlines, etc. Then I use those notes to iron out my sketchy sermon notes on a page or two of paper.

bill streger

i used to use the soft cover hard ones, but apparently my rear end had too much weight and they tended to die out a premature death. the hard cover one holds up better, but is not near as convenient. as I read steve's comment, i had a mental argument about switching back to those - partly just so i'd have an excuse to go buy new ones. sad, i know.

long live the moleskine.

Steve McCoy

I was just at a local bookstore and noticed they have the thinner more flexible (less durable) ones in larger sizes too. You guys really have me considering how I can moleskine better (oh, I made it a verb).

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