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February 14, 2006


Steve McCoy

Good stuff. Portillos baby.

bill streger

thanks for the tag - you just wasted fifteen mintes of my life. way to go, kevin. ;)


When did you live in Minneapolis? For how long? What did you do here? I suppose you were involved with Bethlehem to some extent.

(Hey, there's nothing like telling complete strangers all about your life. What else would you have a blog for. ;)

Kevin Cawley


I lived in Minneapolis during 2000-2001 (in Marcy Holmes-- I loved it!) I did one year of the Track 2 apprenticeship program at Bethlehem and then went to grad school. I worked at Hannon Security (can never remember if it is one "n" or two), drank tons of Dunn Bros coffee, ate lots of Sawat Dee, and generally spent the rest of my time at Bobby & Steves (seriously).



Bobby & Steve's is awesome but I can't imagine spending "the rest of my time" there! I lived in Marcy-Holmes for a while and loved it, and I hope to get back there someday. I loved being so close to the Stone Arch Bridge, the U, downtown, etc.

I'm sure the city would welcome you back any time...



Satellite images do talk. I will be publishing a book of my living experience with you at 1303 and in Minneapolis. Which brings me to my second point. Bobby and Steve's should have been mentioned as a place to live - all the food you can ask for, Dow, the best view of the city, cable TV, and booths to catch some Z's in. And best of all the absolute best Coke in the world. Need I say more. Not to mention motorcycle gang fight in the parking lot.


Why didn't you tag Jack Bauer?


I need to post more this is even better than talking to you on the phone, I can just make things up!

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