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January 11, 2006



hi kev

i was at the conference last year, called The Future of the People of God. Good conference.

The theological stuff was good and very applicable to emerging church. but N.T. Wrights understanding of the emerging church and experience with it was quite thin. he appreciates it, yes, but he has only seen a few pieces of it. I am hoping his world will widen up as he gets more exposure to the emerging-missional church.


Thanks for the post Kev. Some good stuff to check out.

Shawn Doud

I've cruised by here before and Googled "Goldsworrthy and NT Wright" and I was led here. I've been listening to the first two lectures recently. I've wanted to blog on it but afraid of the backlash!!

One comment of Wright's was enlightening. He spoke of GOd doing a new thing and offered Emergent as perhaps proof. The clincher for Wright: the church and the world are both antagonistic to Emergent or this re-reading that Wright is advocating. Since EC is getting attacked by both sides, they might just be right.

I thought his bit on Resurrection as New Creation was stellar along with the "1st day of the week" theology in the last chapters of John.

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