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January 12, 2006


Ben Myers

Thanks a lot for finding the link to these lectures. My blog used to link to this page, but the URL changed and I was unable to find it again.

As you say, these lectures are from the 1962 American series on "Evangelical Theology" -- so they correspond to some of the chapters in the book Evangelical Theology. All the lectures were recorded in audio at the time, but these seem to be the only ones available online.

K.G.H. Nicholes

(August 2006) The full 1962 lectures audio set, plus additional photo and text material including a brief commentary by Dr. Markus Barth, is available at This newly published set is authorized by Dr. Barth's family, and sales produce royalties for Dr. Barth's publisher, TVZ. These lectures are still under copyright and are not legally available as free downloads.

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