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January 12, 2006



Kevin, your nuts. But, I do second that motion.

For a man like me, lacking growth in the head hair, you got to grow it where you can. Funny thing is since I've been losing it on top it seems to grow like crazy everywhere else. I've got a beard as a write so I say...let it flow....even if the gray starts coming and especially when the wife finds it sexy.

Leave the shaving to the ladies.

peter magelssen

yes. i agree. i made my feeble venture into this topic recently. :) i will say this, having a beard does do something to the man inside ya.

Van S

Yes! Let us rise up in hairy glory!


Welcome home, my brothers. Welcome home.


Hear hear! (This was in its early stages; it's gone now.)

Kevin Cawley

this could be my best documented effort to date-- though my current student ID gives this a run for its money-- my current ID card looks a bit more terrorist-ish and a bit less terrifying obese pervert-ish.


Kev -

Is your Mennonite beard symbolic of your manly pacifism, or are you just unable to grow a mustache?

Pete Wmson


Re: your picture. Mohammed would be most pleased.

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