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October 21, 2005


James Paul

Difficult to wrap my brain around the potential of such a powerful tool. An obvious concern would be how to filter "bad" books/information from your searches. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to "topic search" a specific author?

I just posted today on another amazing Google accomplishment: Google Earth. My wife and I spent 30 minutes flying over the Maine coastline. My post shows an actual photo of Quest Field in Seattle. Google has my attention!

Kevin Cawley

JP-- filtering bad books is the job of the researcher-- and will face us whether we're dealing with an old school card catalog, or a virtual, global library. Learning the right search strings would also be a key on the front end. I'm not a smart "googler" by any stretch.

As for Google Earth-- it is AMAZING. And, I'm glad that I'm a mac user with no access to it, because Katie and I played with it at a friends house for several hours this summer-- I have enough distractions as it is! It is certainly amazing.

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