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September 11, 2005


Joe Thorn

Lost is amazing man. Very good, original stuff with great surprises. I've got Jen watching it now.


speaking of pirate blogging, i think Johnny Depp is a phenomenal actor. but in the directors' quest to have him in a lead role, is he becoming overexposed? i don't know, just a thought i had. Also, i haven't been keeping up with Lost, but i must say it is grand to have The OC back on once again. i cannot wait to see what new music comes our way. speaking of music, i will be seeing Sufjan Sunday night Sept 18, Beck Monday night, and floor tix for U2 on Fri night. while your at it, check out Black RebeL Motorcycle Club's new ACOUSTIC album. yeah that's right... they had the manparts to walk away from a record label to do what they love... props... -dutchpirate

Bob Hyatt

lost rocks...

Isn't tonight season 2's premiere?
But then again, who actually watches shows when/as they are broadcast, right?

Kevin Cawley

Not a clue. Without cable or even rabbit ears, I'm always the last to the scene when it comes to television. Plus, I have never really gotten into Divx. So, yeah, I'm the last guy on the scene when it comes to television.

I have always said that (if) we ever buy a house, I would like to have TiVo-- but the most recent news on TiVo makes me think that paying for the DVD's is not that bad after all...

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