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September 23, 2005


Kevin Cawley

and, yeah Pete-- I stole this picture from your blog.

Steve McCoy

Wow. Good catch KC, and I agree with your take.

Kevin Cawley

In case you haven't read the comments at Dr. G's blog-- you might want to check out the great work Bob Hyatt is doing over there. Well done Bob!

Bob Hyatt

I'm so curmudgeonly... DId I spell that right? Or am I an idiot? :)

Thanks for the shout out, Kevin!
Good call on the article... I'll bow out at this point- I've said all I can.

All I really want to know is-

Can't we all just get along???


wild...with nary a word. btw, those colo[u]rs are brutal.

Kevin Cawley


Yeah, I wished he would comment as to why he took it down-- he felt the spirit of it was wrong, or whatever reason. As it stands, it looks like he was just annoyed with the comments on it. I'm not sure what the final total was, but they were piling up.

Kevin Cawley

Groothuis has posted an explanation of why he removed the post. Seems quite surly and childish, but he's posted an explanation.

Bob Hyatt

Well... he has been in a bad mood since 1998...


huh. the link you gave doesn't work and I can only find the first line or two when I do a search on "removal" on his blog...did he remove the removal post?

Kevin Cawley

Yeah-- he removed the removal post. Steve added a great comment-- kind, respectful, etc-- which he removed, and then he removed the removal. He replaced all the removals with this post, and nobody dares comment on it for fear of being removed.

Key word = Removal.

Bob Hyatt

Look away for an afternoon and see what you miss...
I've never met Dr. Groothuis, but he seems a bit of a high strung kind of fellow, ill-suited to the world of blogging. :)

Perhaps he might want to just give in entirely to his curmudgeonly impulses and turn off comments and publish whatever he wants without the dialogue piece...

Cause honestly, unless someone said something ugly after the last time I looked at the Don Miller thread, it seems as though knickers are getting unduly twisted...

Doug! There's beauty in the tension... just let it be! Embrace it...

Maybe he's reading this and will now remove the removal of the removal post? But you have to give him props for getting in a plug for one of his books as he does it! Classy! :D


I stopped reading that blog a month or two ago because I didn't like the "tone" and it seems on many of his post he presents a very incomplete take on whatever issue. Very frustrating.

Kevin Cawley

I want all of these comments to stop now-- or I will remove this post.

Bob Hyatt

But here's the question... how nasty would we have to get to make you take down your whole blog???

Darryn Wiebe

This is all Dan Weber's fault. (Maybe Dan will call you and ask you to remove this post from your blog.)


In like manner, I have added a "Philosophy of this Weblog" to my site.

Bob Hyatt

Hey! They're at it again! :)

But this time at least, they're being nicer...

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