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September 19, 2005


James Paul

I liked Guder's idea that we're already in the mission field. For the Christian it's not a question of identity (i.e. am I a missionary?) but rather what "kind" of missionary am I going to be? Does that sound right?

Kevin Cawley

If you were asking me, I would shout yes. To be a Christian is to be a missionary

James Paul

Well, in that case, I think that this is the most important message we can share with young Christians.

Youth are looking for a sense of identity. What could be more encouraging than knowing, "I'm already in the game!"? Missions, then, ceases being a job description ("Get out there and share Jesus with someone!") and suddenly becomes intrinsically core to one's sense of purpose and value. And if we believe that we've been put in the game by a loving Savior how much more aggresively will we seek out a coach who can make us a better player?

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