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August 16, 2005



my brother... do not be deterred by the Pharisees who cry "hypocrite!" keep the wealth of your discoveries from musical rooting and grubbing coming our way. after all your site is cawleyblog... not theoblogy. that's no knock on Tony either... just a play on words i plagiarized from him.

onwards and upwards seeing Christ in culture (think: music) and community.

Michael Daling

I think katie now has enough reason for an annulment so you can go be with Sufjan.


Sufjan is doing what we Christians oughta be doing.

If only, if ONLY church music (at least in my church) was half as good as Sufjan's.

Of course, again (at least in my church) so much in the worship service is...unintentional. Or, incidental. Or something.

Also, very cool you're going to Regent. Great school.

Adam Beyer

Hey brother. It's been a while (still spotty internet access). Thanks for all the Sufjan stuff -- I now share your the Sufjan love and am grateful to discover more great music. But man am I disappointed by a line in that interview, when he mentions what recent music he hates and includes Wilco, saying “any-kind-of-hyphenated-country-music-is-just-not-country-music-if-you-ask-me”… are you kidding me? What the hell is that? I hope he's kidding. Since when is Wilco dubbed hyphenated country music? I don’t get it. So, there, I’ve now vented and will forgive and continue the Illinoise.

Adam Beyer

I forgot to mention -- speaking of Wilco (Milton and I agree that no love is greater than Tweedy love) -- there's an excellent XM Radio Bob Edwards Show interview with Jeff Tweedy than can be downloaded here from Wilco's site:


wilco = hyphenated-wannabe-country-music

Steve McCoy

I think Wilco has moved away from anything hyphenated and is something fairly unique. I don't even know what to call it, but I like it.

Adam Beyer

Yes, when I listen to the last three Wilco records, it's clear that they're actually hyphenated country of the wannabe sort. Insightful. Brilliant.


Just have to say that when Beyer and I go to the Wilco show in Austin next month (yes, Beyer is flying all the way to TX for a Wilco show) we will solve this genre mystery.


Hello, thanks for posting these songs. How do you put songs onto your blog? I have been trying to figure this out, but to no avail. Any help would be great.



does anyone know if these are legal versions of the .mp3's? I really nat to download (or buy), but i want to make sure Sufjan is cool wit' it.



Sufjan's comments on posting this music:
" Hi all
> note of explanation concerning the christmas songs:
> I recorded 3 Christmas EPs (2001-2003) to give as gifts to friends and
> family. They were all hand made. I sold a few of them around
> Christmas, if I happened to play shows, but they were never officially
> released. I don't sanction the posting of these songs online, but it
> doesn't really bother me.
> I have no intention of releasing them. Although I plan on doing an
> official Christmas album at some point and I'm sure a lot of those
> songs will be used as fodder.
> thanks, Sufjan"

Steve McCoy

Very cool.


Sufjan reads your blog?! Awesome.


Here's a great review of Sufjan Stevens' Christmas Songs:

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