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August 11, 2005


Steve McCoy

When you post on Sufjan, all I can think of is your gazing deeply into his eyes. :)

Interesting article. Thanks for finding it.

Now, stop obsessive Sufjan googling.

Kevin Cawley

you gotta love technorati!

john rushing

this reminded me of a line from a One Bad Pig song:
"is it art and truth or product we demand?"

Steve McCoy

I can't find anyone who carries much of Sufjan, so I'll have to order his other cd's.

Kevin Cawley

Steve (and anyone else)
Most of Sufjan's albums are available on the iTunes Music Store. But, if you're like me and would just prefer to have the album-- get Joe and you two head out to MoJo Music (Mojo Music 38 West 63rd Willowbrook, IL 60527-- they don't have a website.) It is right off 83-- just a bit south of Oak Brook. It isn't the ease of Amazon, but the guys at Mojo are awesome and independent record stores are a dying breed. There is a decent tobaconnist (another dying breed) and a Caribou Coffee right across the street as well. The perfect trifecta.

I don't have all his albums-- and I understand that he has an EP or two floating around also (plus things like sampler EP's from his label). But make sure to pick up the last two before Illinois:

Greetings From Michigan
Seven Swans

I don't have a bad thing to say about either one of them, and the duchmafia has reported that they are growing on him!


Is this a case of man-love?

Kevin Cawley

If your wife taunts you on your own blog-- is it better to:
a) grin and bear
b) delete comments and not mention to her
c) block her from commenting and not mention to her

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve McCoy

d) Listen and learn


e) delete this comment before she finds it


Excuse me?!


Kevin, if your wife did not taunt you, even the rocks and the trees would cry out about your manlove.


option f? where's option f?

Kevin Cawley

sorry ben-- didn't mean to delete both of them. for those of you who didn't get a chance to glean from ben's wisdom-- his option f involved tying wife up and banning computer privileges. can anyone guess that dutchmafia is the only single commenter on this thread?

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