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May 06, 2005


Bruce Chant

Currently reading Shaping right now. Will be interested to read your views of it when you're done.


Bruce-- my doorbell buzzed with the book as I was reading your comment. I'm eager to dig in to it. Do you have any thoughts for me on the front end?

Bruce Chant

Half way through it. Is a good one to read and then go and digest, then return to read some more.

Big on the total shift from Christendom to a post-modern paradigm, the 'failure' of the church as we know it and so they argue the need to make a radical change. Making a radical change is fine, but is this because the current model is a failure, or because a radical change will be successful? They haven't really got into viable alternatives as yet which I must admit is agitating me..

Bill Victor

Currently reading the book as well. Really enjoying it and being challenged by it. Hooked up with Adam B. from 1st Calvary. Great guy.

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