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May 06, 2005


john rushing

very interesting article. i've heard some dismiss the "emergent" wave as a manifestation of rampant consumerism sweeping the church. but i think that view misunderstands how disconnected from real, every day life some fellowships become.

i left the fellowship i was attending to go the one i currently attend not because of doctrinal or personality issues. i just felt like i didn't fit in. our family is not a Dr. Dobson family by any stretch of the imagination. this tattooed, pierced hardcore/death metal loving guy just felt out of place. so now i'm at a fellowship where i could be the dad or grandad of most of the people who attend. which is fine by me. my wife says i'm either having a mid-life crisis or going through the adolescence i never had. either one could be true. it's just nice to be in a faith community which is serious about following Jesus Christ and being real about it.

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