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April 25, 2005


john rushing

i really liked the statement in part I about a holistic worship which engages the whole person, body, soul, and spirit. it is just this sensibility which drew me back into the liturgical church (having been raised Roman Catholic) after 10 years in the evangelical/fundamentalist sub-culture. i missed the "sacramental reality" found in the liturgy. i find that liturgy points me to God regardless of how i may feel at the moment. i may not feel like lifting my heart to the Lord, but at the Sursum Corda, when the faitful are instructed to "lift up your hearts" and answer "we lift them up unto the Lord" it doesn't matter how i feel what matters is that i am entering into corporate worship of a transcendent Creator with his saints in a particular locality and in the heavenlies and i can get past my feelings. the Larger Catechism of the Westminster Standards asks Q163: What are the parts of a sacrament?
A163: The parts of a sacrament are two; the one an outward and sensible sign, used according to Christ's own appointment; the other an inward and spiritual grace thereby signified.

it's the outward and sensible signs which help this poor stammerer give shape to his worship and his confessed membership in the one, true, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.

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