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April 02, 2005


Mike Daling

#1: Of course there is more than just being 'in the game', but being in the game is still necessary.

#2: Isn't this the same question as #3?

#3: Isn't this the same question as #2?

#4: Yes. Numbers - in every area (including how long a church is open. I know this sound somewhat double minded of me). There are sometimes measurable signs of growth and discipleship, but not always. Even so, a church must be around to evaluate 'success' at all - though the fact that it is still there does not actually add to its success in and of itself.

#5: The already/not yet nature of the Kingdom. I don't think that it has been ignored, but I think it has been misunderstood.

#6: Yes and no. If a church seeks to develop relationships, care for the poor, disciple, and become a part of any particular community - it will involve some sort of longevity. A church's 'success' must be evaluated on the basis of its purpose. If the purpose is what you and Bob have outlined - then no, it would not be a success. Community and relationships take time.

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