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April 27, 2005



Given all the questions this raises in my mind, it makes me want to read Joshua Harris' book, Stop Dating The Church-- if for nothing more than curiosity's sake. I don't know what Harris deals with in this book, but the title interests me along these lines.

Brian Brown

That quote intrigued me. It would be interesting to tease that out through the different church models out there. It would seem that many churches create environments where dating is as far as the relationship could ever go, whereas other churches demand a wedding ring and life-long vows on the second encounter. The problem with the metaphor is that we don't want people to marry the church. We don't even want them to date the church. We want them to encounter and be united with Jesus through the church that is formed by the Gospel. This goes back to the conversation we had several months ago- how often, have we called people to the church, rather than, through the church- calling people to Jesus?


Brian-- I couldn't agree with you more-- on every front. I don't know if I will ever get the time (perhaps when Katie and I stay with you guys?), but I would love to try to wrestle with the implications of Myers' arguments in the context of the cell model.


If you two are going to wrestle two things must happen:

1) Pay per view telecast

2) Medical personnel on hand. At least one of you will need it.

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