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January 20, 2008


Kevin Cawley

Inevitably, I look back and think, "Oh, what about..."

Winterpills, Band of Horses, maybe Okkervil River...

maybe others...

brad andrews

enjoyed your list! we had the same #1 and #2...

great minds...

relevintage's top 20 of 2007

Wes Crawford

Which Patty Griffin record would you say is better than this one? 1,000 Kisses? Living with Ghosts? Melissa and I love those records, but this one is really strong.

We stopped in Austin on the way back to Mexico and picked up her new live DVD at Waterloo Records. Who else combines such amazingly strong writing with amazing performances like hers?

Oh, and who introduced you to the Wilco record? Remember that I told you to get it back in September?

Kevin Cawley


I honestly didn't mean my Patty Griffin comment to sound negative because I really like this album. She is just someone that I would always expect to be in the top ten (save Flaming Red, which I wasn't huge on).

I said the same thing about the Pinback record.

You did tell me to check out the Wilco record...and that's the same thing I said when my friend Jonathan played it for me in our rental car.

Kevin Cawley I love Waterloo


This list only makes me feel sad about all of the music I am missing out on...I feel so overwhelmed.


thanks for keeping me tuned in to new and interesting music. i had your 2006 list starred in my reader all year long for consultation. 2007'll join 'er.


Thanks for doing this Kevin.


radiohead is diabolical... lucky for you, it was officially released in 2008... so it won't have to miss a top ten spot 12 mos from now.

sort of surprised with your #1. not in a bad way. just surprised.


Great list, Kevin, and maybe I'll have to pick up the Great Lake Swimmers now that I've heard about it repeatedly... A little surprised that Wincing the Night Away only got hon. mention, but I do like their last CD better.


My apple just crashed...only $1500 to recover all my music and photos!!! I'm broke now.

Thanks for the album recommendations. I'll have to pick up Neon Bible. I found your blog from your friend Matthew.


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