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January 11, 2006


Call Me Ishmael

Well he sure ain't describing me!

J. B. Hood

Hi Kevin,

I think this is my first post on your blog, but I've been reading off and on for a while. Love it, though I've yet to listen to Sufjan. I'd love for you to review Derek Webb's Mockingbird, or at least the first five songs, as I've never heard anything like it from a Christian artist.

I just read a book proposal by a writer who loves Barna and is friends with McLaren. Not to treat Emergent as a unitary entity, but this guy (who is not in emergent circles) admits that his take, which he finds reflected in Barna's book, is very different from anything McLaren wants to do. I think the crowd Barna speaks of, and to, is the same one McLaren speaks of/to. But there goals (and ecclesiology) are quite different, though McLaren is so unjudgmental that you wouldn't necessarily pick that up.

Methinks Barna got fed up from looking at really depressing data on churches...

I think Barna sees Emergent as targeting/engaging the same crowd, but he seems to prefer folks go a different direction. He's not interested in changing/influencing the movement that's currently evolvoing (emergent, church planting, missional churches, etc)--he's interested in chucking the enterprise altogether, seems to me.

In a nutshell--same audience, different tune.

Blog on.

Grace and Peace,

J B Hood

Kevin Cawley

The fact that Clouseau has commented on my blog gives me deep joy. Welcome. And for those of you who have never read that is not my blog, you're in for a treat.

Nick P.

John Piper referred to this in his breakout session at Passion. And he slipped Emerging or Emergent in right before he mentioned the study. As you point out, this doesn't really resound with my understanding of Emerging-type churches. If anything I would expect a greater value for community among them.

Zane Anderson

Good questions, Kevin. Just who are these millions - or tens of millions who are changing the landscape? I'm still looking to find them in our area.

Are they the emergents? If you'll check in the back of Revolution in the resources section, Barna does indeed cite several emergent portals on the web. Interestingly, also is the link to Charles Colson's site who has denounced much - not all - of the emergent movement.

Makes you wonder what's going down.
House Church Network

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