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December 28, 2005


James Paul

Thanks, Kevin. This review was helpful for me. I agreed with much of what Sam had to say. Barna is definitely painting with broad strokes regarding the local church. I think the book raises some great questions worth our consideration:

1) Can the "church" be defined outside of the traditional buildings/program?
2) How many acceptable models are there?
3) Since many of us make our livings in the "system" is it possible we're less than objective when it comes to other biblical options?
4) Are we trying to defend the "system" or the Biblical definition of "church?"
5) Is this conversation beneficial or destructive?

Click on my name below for a direct link to a November 17th TBN interview with Barna. If you've been suffering from Tammy Faye deficiency she's on right before George. Try the 50:00 mark.

James Paul

This comment belongs in Part 1. I don't know what happened.

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