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October 17, 2005



look forward to hearing your thoughts.

i have great hopes and desires for the "missional church," which i assume is one of those "revolutionay" things. still, my initial feeling about this revolution Barna writes about is ... yawn. it sounds like just christians moving churches again (recirculating the saints) - only this time out of "the mainstream."

but my understanding of Barna is pretty surface, so i'd like to see other takes.

James Paul

Speaking politically, would it be unhelpful or inaccurate to compare all salaried clergy to a labor union? If the comparison had merit would it then be reasonable to conclude that "job security" could influence church leaders as they consider books like "Revolution?" From what I've read most of the ecclesiatical changes Barna identifies in the book would assume volunteer leadership.

I'm a car salesman. I've heard it said for years that oil companies have spent billions over the years preventing alternative forms of fuel from successfully entering the market.

I'm not suggesting a churchwide conspiracy but I can easily see "job security" and greed playing major roles in how the universal church (lead by salaried pastors)responds to emerging missional methodology?

For the record: I attend a small, charismatic church with 5 full-time staff. I've grown to love "church" as I know it but am restless for more in my family and community. I know that re-shuffling isn't the answer but I think we're "top-heavy" in America and overly dependant on clergy. Major shifts like the ones Barna predicts might be just what the Physician ordered.

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